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Executive Consultant

“Be the change you want to see in the world”. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Coach, Facilitator, Writer and Speaker

I believe that happiness is not satisfied from gaining more but in living more. This is achieved through developing yourself, raising your awareness and becoming more conscious. The majority of people on this planet are looking for happiness through achievement in the world out side of themselves; success, relationships, being the best, having more, distraction and so on.

Most people look to create happiness by chasing the emotion of happiness, but emotions by their very nature are impermanent and fluctuate due to external events. I work with people to create happiness at a much deeper level and that is the level of who they are being. This kind of happiness is known as fulfilment and it is lasting.

It is my job as a Higher Conscious Consultant, coach, facilitator, writer and speaker to provide you with the tools, and a road map to achieve greater integrity and alignment with your personal values so that you can become the person you know you are.

Conscious Awareness

As Humans we have been endowed with huge creative potential.

The ability to create any reality we can dream of. Unfortunately no one has taught us how to use it. This is my expertise, I can teach you how to master your creative potential and live the life you have dreamed of.

True Power

There are two ways for doing things by exerting a lot of effort or by stepping into a new reality. Within the area of conscious development true inner power is my speciality. True power is not dominating, aggressive, or stressful. True power is unlimited connecting and empowering. I believe that we are all great beyond our own knowledge and that humans have immence potential that we aren’t even scraping the surface of yet. I can support you into stepping into your own true power.

Executives and Leadership

The pressures of executives and leaders are heightened and unique. Quite often it can be a lonely place to be with so much riding on your decisions and actions. I help you to take your game to the next level, to gain a deep inner confidence, make the right decisions and to trust in yourself as well as balance your work and private life so that you have time for you.


Unfortunately work in the conscious field can attract flaky scam artists. Rest assured that I am qualified and professional. I have 2 Diplomas in Consciousness and Coaching, Certificates in Success and Relationship Mastery, a training qualification and I am accredited with the International Coaching Federation to the level of Professional Certified Coach with over 1000 hours of coaching. If this is not enough please feel free to look over my testimonials, I am sure there are some from organisations you will have heard of. If you need further certainty I am happy to put you in touch with some of my past clients.


In the world we live in information is at everyone’s finger tips; information and learning more will no longer give you the edge. It is how you use this knowledge that will make you stand out. Through learning conscious techniques and tools you will be able to build on your life time of learning and take your life to new heights.


We all want someone to really understand us – to get who we are. I have been blessed with the ability to intuitively understand my clients on a very deep level. I get insights that can catapult them past challenges that they have been having for a lifetime, or see repeat behaviours that when changed can break destructive patterns. This ability it what makes the coaching I do life changing.


I am constantly striving to give more value to my clients. I want them to walk away and know they got so much more than they expected. I am a perfectionist in myself and am constantly striving to grow and become more conscious. I bring all of this knowledge and research into each and every session I have in the hope that it will support my clients to live extraordinary lives.

Human Potential

Having worked with thousands of people one thing stands out. We are only scratching the top of what we are truly capable of. Have you seen the movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansson and Morgan
Freeman? In it he talks about how we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity and she discovers what is possible when you use more.

What excited me about this movie was that in her initial stages of development she was able to achieve things I have seen my clients do. To me this is the new frontier of human potential.